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I facilitate Empowerment Retreats - an experience that (can and) will change your life!  Now is the time to release and let go of the emotions and issues that have been holding you back and boldly move forward with your life.

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Move Yourself Forward 

What is an Empowerment Retreat? 

A combination of proven therapeutic techniques that get you to the core of an issue so you can work through and heal it. Then move on.

Why an Empowerment Retreat? 

·      You want high quality, effective results quickly.

·      You know you want something different in your life and you don’t know what it is.

·      You want to let go of ‘stuff’ that is holding you back and don’t know how.

·      You know there is more to life than you have right now and you haven’t found how to access it.

·      You are ready to release stress, anxiety or overwhelm.

How does it work? 

·      In a confidential, secure environment you will experience powerful individual and group processes targeted to your specific needs and goals.

·      Led by 2 highly trained facilitators with over 25 years combined experience.

·      Group is limited to 9 participants to assure personal attention and support.

·      You will leave with new tools and resources to take home and continue your personal work.

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CJ Tanner-Mannix: CHT – Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis 2001; Empowerment Facilitator 2011;   Somatic Self Healing Practitioner; CA State Sexual Abuse/Domestic Violence Trained Volunteer.

Tim Mannix: CHT – Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis 2010; Affiliated with Mankind Project 18 years;  Staffed over 35 NWTA weekends; Full Initial I-Group Facilitator.

Call me.  I am happy to answer any questions you have regarding how our next Intensive can enhance your life 

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provide you information regarding my Alchemical Hypnotherapy and Somatic Healing Services.

All events are alcohol and drug free

CJ Tanner-Mannix

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