About CJ

I am often asked why I have such a passion and dedication to facilitating empowerments for people.

In the summer of 2000 I attended my first Empowerment.  I was divorced, raising 5 daughters (4 teenagers) and overwhelmed (to put it mildly) .

By the end of that Empowerment, I realized I found the key to effectively reach the locked parts of myself that I had not been able to reach in talk therapy.

I knew this was the process that I wanted to continue for my own personal healing and move forward.  And, it is what I wanted to ultimately devote my professional life to as well.

Since then, my journey has taken me from participant to trained Hypnotherapist and facilitator and I have gained the understanding and proficiency to help others along their path. 

I utilize my professional expertise, life experiences and clinical training to give me a unique perspective and ability to help others who are ready to move away from overwhelm and to realize and live the life they desire.

I look forward to being a guide on your journey.

CJ Tanner-Mannix

(707) 972-9991