What Attendees Say

Testimonial from George D'Amato

Oct. 22nd 2014

I recently attended an Empowerment retreat facilitated by CJ and Tim Mannix. I was impressed every single day by the compassion, skill and ability they evidenced in handling difficult and powerful emotional situations.

They both are masters of therapeutic communication, insight and leadership!

Each healing journey, including my own, was a miracle to behold and the positive changes were immediately apparent in each person.

My own work was around a fearful childhood and the desperate strategies I had developed to survive. Below the level of my adult consciousness these immature strategies were controlling all my relationships with others.

Through this work, it became apparent to me that I was stuck in perpetual 'damage control mode', trying to make sure the world  around me would remain sane and safe.

I would run, hide, get angry, lie or play the victim whenever I felt endangered.

Through the power of this work and the expertise of Tim and CJ,  I have become completely aware and I am at choice now. The fear driven reflex to control 'people, places and things' has lost its hold on me.

I am free!


April 2014 Empowerment Retreat Testimonial

Linda Napier

"Attending the Empowerment retreat was something very different for me and I had no idea what to expect. What I received was unconditional love and support and a place where I could say, think express and do anything with the help of the amazing facilitators and group. I not only learned from my personal journey but from everyones else's as well. An amazing bonus was the over the top delicious food at every meal and what ever snack you wanted in between. And, of course you can't forget the view of the Oregon coast! How Perfect! Shannon and Cj thought of everything to make the retreat a life changing experience".


Testimonial From Brigitta D’Amato

Certified Clinical and Alchemical Hypnotherapist / Empowerment Facilitator

I don’t know how to thank you for my amazing, uplifting and 100% life-enhancing session!

In all my 63 years I have not felt quite this peaceful inside.

I know that you have expertly led me to close my inner separation gaps.

You have helped me find and fit the missing puzzle pieces.

At last, my ‘recovered self’ is sitting calmly at my feet and I bless and love her in tender self-care.

And suddenly, I go through my days smiling in indescribably serenity…!

My deep appreciation for your impressive skills plus your unwavering focus and caring knows no bounds.

In lasting gratitude,  Brigitta

CJ Tanner-Mannix

(707) 972-9991